Catalan entities bring music insruments to syrian refugees

[ 2018-05-30 ] Beirut, (EFE).- A group of Catalan associations is going to bring music instruments to poor Lebanese children and Syrian refugees in Lebanon so they can learn to play and help them forget the drama of the conflict, Efe said today responsible for the project.
«We are willing to work from Catalonia so that Syrian refugees and Lebanese children of limited resources can have information through music and forget a little of what they have experienced», the former president of the Catalan Bar Association and former president told Efe. dean of the College of Girona, Carles McCragh, who supports the initiative.
The project, which will be launched between October and November, plans to deliver musical instruments to one hundred children, half Lebanese and half Syrians, who live in the refugee camp of Alba, located in Akkar, a poor region in the far north, from Lebanon.
The objective is for children to learn to play Syrian, Lebanese, «Catalan and Spanish» music and at the end of the three-year project, they will participate in a concert in Catalonia, according to the director of the NGO Horizon for Syrians, Joan Babeli.
Babeli, originally from Aleppo (Syria) and living for 38 years in Catalonia, has detailed that musical instruments from Spain that are not being used «but are in good condition» will be taken to Lebanon.
«Music gives life, eliminates disasters and can transform a view making it more optimistic,» said Babeli, who also assured that the initiative has been received with «enthusiasm and joy» by children.

The project has the support of the Bar Association of Catalonia, the NGO Horizon for Syrians, the support of the Association Catalonia-Lebanon and other Lebanese associations, including the Secours Populaire Libanais Association and the NGO Amel. EFE

LA VANGUARDIA – 2018/05/30 – Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)
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